RAY__side table set






Side table set



  • YEAR : 2017
  • CATEGORY : Indoor
  • TYPE : Side table set
  • MATERIALS : Wood

The inspiration for RAY came with my need for freedom of movement /motion.
I often find myself wandering around rooms, with an object in my hands that one minute I need and the very next I don’t.

Wake up coffee at home is a ritual for me. But it is not linked to a specific frame.

What happens is that I think about the upcoming day and then do rest with my mug in hands where the morning moves me..

leaning against the edge of a sofa, taking a long sleepy watch out of the window, crossing legs on my beloved carpet.

One could need surfaces everywhere to place things down onto, but this would fill up the room. I was looking for a feature that would facilitate this need and help to reduce the time spent distracted by it.

I observed this need and my gestures. To find a solution to this continuous flow and change, I wanted an object whose very nature was change itself, and try to entrust the feature of flexibility to a piece of ordinary use. To experiment this duality, of flexibility and simplicity I decided for a modular coffee table.
It should be functional but unpretentious and light. From a social point of view, it should enthuse people and attract them to interact with it.

What about many side tables which are light and easy to arrange for the moment and place required…like a puzzle – harmony? Individual pieces contained in one shape….

A shared and composable object with which guests, friends and children could enjoy to play with, pull and rearrange. A structure from which everyone can take a piece and create a temporary functional corner.

I wanted a composition, uncomplicated and flexible, with lines that reflect our emotions, our sighs and smiles…

Things that record the presence and influence of the others…

I was trying to find out how to stage the traces of adaptation… the tiny pieces that compose process, change…


I started cutting out pieces of cardboard and moving them

around the open space. I replaced them together, arranged and recombined.

I wished to pull out pleasant forms and  define the right sized big puzzle.

Finally: prototypes standing on my carpet. …

In the end the experiment worked ! : Here’s RAY,
a fun and functional one-off modular coffee table

with up to 64 arrangement options.

With a technically original feature hidden in the design itself which allows a smooth and continuous surface even when one or more tables are latched together.

Agile and delicate table-trays that may be either composed or singular, for a wink or for a while.