Prompters for the joy of personal décor

Jacobsroom is a design experiment inside an ordinary life space.

A long term research by designer Kathrin Charlotte Bohr, a project defined by a constant, a fixe work space and the variability of perception and the drive to translate it into space.

jacobsroom is an exercise: to observe and challenge creative visions and fashions.
An exploratory journey through our eternal need of beauty.

Internal and external space are more and more linked together and their relation
and equilibrium mirrors our felicity.
jacobsroom longs for objects that decline aesthetic fashions, but for the purpose to found them into timelessness, into timeless enjoyment.

Scent and tactile feedback are moulded in bold – today a mindful choice of substances reveres personal freedom, the only way for Kathrin to create something
entirely gratifying.

A piece comes to life like a plot: moulded, destroyed and rebuilt by hand until its very
soul takes life and its story shines through. Kathrin’s work experience in film reveals a mindset of conveying space through
memories and sensations – of storytelling and its potential to arrange inconspicuous details into visuals of excellence.

Welcome to a space of ordinary objects ready to evolve through you, with your imagination.

Subtle and charming pieces, prompters for the joy of personal decor.

In a room and in a time of their own: Welcome to jacobsroom.


*inspired by Virginia Woolf